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Just look at these smiling faces!

This year, we organized a series of children's meditation courses at Buddhas Weg Centre, Germany. Just look at these smiling faces!

The series included active games, both indoor and outdoor, with children's yoga, games in the forest and quiet periods to practice still meditation. The breathing, body awareness, and contemplation exercises are all tailored for kids. We practice "sitting still like a frog" and being grateful for our bodies. We encourage children to reflection on living kindness with a theater play and other active roleplaying games.

It was wonderful to have the parents mediating along with the kids and joining in the games. They had a lot of fun and also learned to see things from the children's perspective.

Our next series of courses will be held in August 2018. We plan to have about 3 children courses and 3 adult meditation retreats. Stay tuned!


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